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Ways to celebrate

Let's celebrate together!​

On March 21st
World Tattoo Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate tattoo and bodyart together, in an informal atmosphere, bringing our lifestyle nearer to the people.
World Tattoo Day is yours!

This is what it's all about!

On March 21st, every tattoo-artist and studio, all around the world, are bringing tattoo and bodyart to life and present themselves in all their colors and facets. Everybody is invited to celebrate all ours World Tattoo Day in their very own way.

We are looking forward to a colorful, international festival, under the sign of freedom and tolerance.

WTD – It's not a brand, it's a movement!
Here are some examples of hoW WTD-Ambassadors celebrate World Tattoo Day

Open day, tattoo campaign for customers, customer apero, ink for charity (fundraising campaign) or voucher raffle or just to send a colourful greeting message to the world via social media channels.

The possibilities for celebrating WTD are almost endless and as versatile as the works of art, that get immortalized every day on happy people’s skin!


How do you celebrate World Tattoo Day? Send us your photos and videos!

Tell us how you celebrate the world tatto day

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