Tradition inspiring the future

The WTD organisation was founded with the aim to make an international contribution to preserving and promoting tattoo art and culture as well as to cultivate the professional spirit among colleagues.

The founders, cooperation partners and supporters of World Tattoo Day include numerous internationally renowned tattoo artists and tattoo studios.

This day of days started on 21 March 2015.

Why 21 March

Colour, light and shadows as well as social discrimination of people with tattoos were the reasons for establishing World Tattoo Day on 21 March

21 March is International Colour DayColours are an essential part of tattoo art.

21 March is the spring equinoxThe date when day and night are of equal length – a symbolic reference to the relationship between light and shadow in a work of art.

March is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Neither skin colour nor colour on the skin (tattoos) are relevant factors for social discrimination.

Description of Logo

The WTD logo is a meaningful sign and a highly respected symbol in the tattoo scene. 21 March is World Tattoo Day – a day of action celebrated around the world to draw attention to tattoo art.

The logo consists not only of the founding date, but also of 4 more elements:

The anchor is a symbol of hope, confidence and eternal love.

The crown is a symbol of loyalty to tattoo art. The 5 spikes reflect the 5 continents of this world.

The rope calls on people to connect with each other in order to achieve a common goal.

The circle (globe / grid-like) not only symbolises infinity, but also stands for the “symbol of being isolated in oneself, perfection, eternity”.